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Ol’ Dirty Bitcoin: Wu-Tang’s latest venture (is capital)

It has been more than 13 years since Ol’ Dirty Bastard shuffled off this mortal coil into the great beyond. But it makes sense that a musician who was always ahead of his time would be affiliated with a currency that backers say will cause a revolution.

ODB’s son, Young Dirty Bastard (really) announced this week he’s launching a new cryptocurrency called Dirty Coin. The exchange name for this bitcoin variety? ODB, of course.

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the musician, birth name Bar-Sun Unique Jones, said he wanted to launch the currency to fund his next album and support other areas of interest, including books and games. Eventually, the coin will be acceptable currency for merchandise, music and concerts for Dirty Bastard, both Ol’ and Young.

The coin will be launched in partnership with the TAO Network Blockchain platform – one of the developers of which is Bryce Weiner, who has previously discussed blockchain and its possible application for selling tickets on this very website—and will be traded on the AltMarket platform, set to launch at the same time as ODB’s initial offering, according to

By the way, this isn’t the first member of the Wu-Tang Clan to dip a toe into the bitcoin pool: Ghostface Killah has introduced CREAM coin as well, AV Club reports.

YDB’s coin has a mission statement of source: to “fund the recording and release of a new album from Young Dirty, without the backing of an antiquated label. In the ol’ pedantic past, we might have called this ‘crowdfunding’ or, less charitably, panhandling,” AV Club’s Sean O’Neal says. “But this is the new age of Osirus 2.0, the second digital coming of Big Baby Jesus. And by converting what might have once been called ‘donations’ to a cryptocurrency, whose actual value can only be measured in terms of Ol’ Dirty Bastard merchandise, and whose creators might have bothered to Google the fact that ‘Dirty Coin’ is already the name of a porn-themed Bitcoin “focused on the adult industry and escort industry” – Link media and the ODB estate are exploring ‘exciting new ways for artists to connect with, and empower, their fans.’ Yeah, baby! JargonCoin!”

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