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On the Edge of the World: A Photo Exhibition On One of Toronto’s Lesser-Known Music Venues

For music lovers, Toronto has a long history of a vibrant music scene with legendary venues. Massey Hall. The El Mocambo. The Horseshoe Tavern. Those are just a few names in a long list. But how many people remember The Edge? 

Located on Gerard St East and in operation from 1979 to 1981, The Edge holds an important place in Toronto’s music history. Even with a capacity of only 200, it was the premier post-punk new wave bar at the time.  Bands who played there often became multi-million selling artists within a year. The Edge hosted bands like the Police, XTC, and Ultravox. The venue also helped nurture the careers of local bands such as the Spoons, The Rheostatics, and Letranger. 

On June 20 at 6:30, Nick Smash is presenting Edge of the World photo exhibition at the Toronto Reference Library’s Beeton Hall. With photos taken by himself and Simon White during The Edge’s years of operation, Smash looks to highlight the club he feels has been long overlooked. You can find more information here

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