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Ongoing History Daily: A dubious world record

Sometimes an artist will attempt to set some kind of new world record to get some attention.

The Grateful Dead held the record for the longest live concert: eight hours, from December 31, 1978, to sometime in the morning of January 1, 1979. The largest concert ever held seems to be Rod Stewart’s 1994 New Year’s Eve gig on Copacabana Beach in Rio that attracted 3.5 million people. The loudest concert is claimed by KISS on July 15, 2009, when they were recorded playing at 136 decibels in Ottawa (a Swedish metal band will dispute that, saying that they once generated over 142 decibels). The longest tour of all time? Probably 30 Seconds to Mars who had a roadtrip starting in 2010 that lasted 309 shows.

But this is currently my favourite. Earlier this year, he lead singer of a band called FANGZ set a new record by eating 143 hard-boiled eggs in one sitting, breaking the previous record by two. Oh, and he ate all those eggs in under four minutes.

Uh, congratulations?

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