Ongoing History Daily: Alice in Chains facts

Some facts about Alice in Chains:

(1)  When he got his first credit card, singer Layne Staley maxed it during three months of shopping sprees at Toys R Us.  He bought a lot of video games and Batman dolls. 

(2)  Between the summer of 1994 and January of 1995, Alice in Chains had actually broken up.  The band just couldn’t deal with Layne’s drug problems anymore. He was able to pull it together for one last album in 1996.

(3) Guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s s great-grandfather used to make his living robbing trains in the Wild West about a hundred years ago. 

And (4) Jerry’s grandmother used to have a police scanner so she could tell Jerry when his friends got busted. Would your mom do that for you?

The last post was about the birth of the CD.

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