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Ongoing History Daily: Another medical mystery of music

It’s well known that music can affect our behaviors—and here’s a tip for anyone who works in the restaurant industry who wants, well, bigger tips. 

The Journal of Hospitality Management reported on a study in France where they explored playing different kinds of music during lunch service at a restaurant over a period of six weeks.  One-third of the time, they played music that was socially positive and uplifting.  Another third of the time, they played neutral music, that is, material without any real message.  And the final third of the time, they played normal, nondescript restaurant music. 

Twenty-four percent of the customers who heard neutral or normal music left a tip. But when they were exposed to positive music, customers tipped 35% of the time. 

Something to think about if you work as a server and have control over the music–or if you’re dining in the restaurant. Are you being manipulated?

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