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Ongoing History Daily: How loud is too loud?

Like everything fun in this life, it’s best to do things in moderation. That includes loud music. And now the World Health Organization has released some new guidelines about how much we should be exposed to loud music.

According to the new WHO data, 40% of people between 12 and 35 are exposed to dangerous sound levels in live music venues. It now has some new global guidelines for everyone. The new maximum volume level is 100 dB–which is still loud enough to mess up your hearing.

To put into perspective, this is the volume of a blaring car horn at a distance of 5 metres. And prolonged exposure to 85 dB over 8 hours is just as bad.

A concert? Often around 115 dB. Not wearing hearing protection–even drugstore-level earplugs–is not a good idea.

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