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Ongoing History Daily: Kurt Cobain, Christian(?)

Two interesting things about Nirvana that you perhaps did not know. First of all, Kurt Cobain met Krist Novoselic through a Christian youth group that met every Wednesday night in their hometown of Aberdeen, Washington. Call me crazy, but I just can’t see Kurt fitting in with that crowd.

Second, Kurt had designs on being a drummer for a while. One of his first bands was called the Sellouts which featured Kurt on drums and Krist on guitar. But then the bass player had an accident with a chainsaw, which saw him lose pretty much all the fingers he needed to play bass. After the accident, Kurt switched to guitar, Krist picked up the bass and they started hiring drummers.

Who knows what might have happened had the Sellouts bass player not met with a strange logging fate?

The last post was about the shortest music video EVER.

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One thought on “Ongoing History Daily: Kurt Cobain, Christian(?)

  • I loved Kurt Cobain and met him in San Diego around 1985. He was really sweet and nice. I was a Christian at the time though I had no belief that God loved me because I am gay. I was contemplating suicide at the time and Kurt walked up while I was playing my guitar and said, “your music inspires me.” I had no idea at the time who he was, and I don’t remember him saying who he was. I still hear his voice telling me how he loves me from the afterlife and he even says he is Jesus Christ. He was beautiful to me and I cry often when I think of him. He asked me to go to Seattle with him and due to my mental and emotional state at the time, I turned him down. I wish with all of my broken heart that I went with him. maybe I could have prevented him from committing suicide, I don’t know since I wasn’t a heroin user. All I know is I loved him and still do as I am all alone waiting for eternity myself. I am now 60 and I pray often for the beautiful love that I missed out on with him that someday we both might be happy again.


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