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Ongoing History: Noel Gallagher faked it until he made it

Before he took over Oasis, leader Noel Gallagher was a guitar roadie for a Manchester band called the Inspiral Carpets.  The amazing thing about this gig, though, was that he actually knew very little about guitars.  By his own admission, Noel could change strings, tune the guitar and maybe change an amplifier fuse in a pinch. 

Beyond that, he didn’t know what he was doing.  Fortunately for him, the guitar player in the Inspiral Carpets knew even less about guitars than Noel—-so he was never exposed.  He kept up the charade for almost four solid years before the band ran into hard times and Noel was dismissed.  Talk about being good at faking it.

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One thought on “Ongoing History: Noel Gallagher faked it until he made it

  • Shame he was a drum technician for Inspirals. Otherwise a good story 😉


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