Ongoing History of New Music Daily: Mispressed Records

I often get emails from people asking about mispressed CDs and records. Occasionally, there are mixups at the pressing plant where the wrong music is pressed onto the wrong CD or record. This isn’t uncommon because mistakes do happen. But some of them can be really funny mistakes.

In early 1987, grandparents were thrilled when the Lawrence Welk Orchestra released a collection of golden greats on compact disc. All those wonderful songs performed by his big band and sung by those people with nice haircuts every Saturday night were finally going to be preserved digitally for all time.

However, something went wrong at the CD factory in Japan. Thousands of mislabeled Lawrence Welk albums were shipped—and instead of his Polka Party, people actually received a copy of the Sid and Nancy soundtrack. That must have been a surprise.

Alan Cross

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