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One thought on “An Opportunity for All Canadian Artists!

  • February 27, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    I feel that contests like this damage our musical community more than they help it. Toronto’s problem is venues and community. To be honest most of the community issue is a result of people no longer having models to make money off music just the original model of taking advantage of the artists. Managment pushes bands on top of other management’s bands in pretty ruthless ways, in order to take advantage of a small market. This creates animosity and conflict and when coupled with venues that usually can’t last more than a few years (and no will to save a shred of our musical community gone by) the scene in our city suffers. We are not by any means a terrible scene but we are a cliquey one. There are more scenes in this city than there are neighborhoods but they rarley interact even though their audiences are many time the same people.
    I feel most people in this city are damn proud of it and they, to a point should be. People from Toronto who live their city tend to see things through rose coloured glasses ignore the nasty bits. I have done this. I love my city more than you can understand. But im honest about it and its scene is not as healthy as everyone thinks. By hosting contests and pitting people against each other we help loose that community. This may not be the direct cause but it is definitely a symptom. Either way that’s my rant, thanks for letting me say my piece.


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