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Geeks and Beats podcast, episode 237: One giant leap

Greetings, Earthlings! Here’s the big Moon Landing episode! It was 50 years ago this week mankind’s greatest achievement was made. But did Neil Armstrong blow his big line? And what music were we listening to in July of 1969 as he stepped onto extra-terrestrial soil for the first time? Plus, an update on our Live [&hellip.. more

Into turntablism? Watch this short film on the turntable as an instrument.

Beginning in the 70s with disco and then evolving rapidly with rap, the repurposing of the turntable into a musical instrument has resulted in some interesting new frontiers in sound. This short film (via The Vinyl Factory) shows how Shiva Feshareki, Haroon Mirza, Maria Chavez, Marina Rosenfeld, Philip Jeck, Janek Schaefer, Graham Dunning and Vinyl, [&hellip.. more

Lil Nas X joins the Area 51 raid. Sort of.

What began as a joke Facebook post about citizens storming Area 51 in Nevada (“Show us them aliens!”) has turned into a scary sort of phenomenon with 1.5 million people promising to take part. That number won’t turn up, but you just know that enough idiots will show to make things weird on September 20. [&hellip.. more

New Music From The Inbox: Of Monsters And Men, Tycho, Ra Ra Riot, and more!

Artist: Luca FogaleSong: Unfolding The vocals contain such a beautiful gentleness, the lyrics have a generous honestly, and delicate piano and rhythms adds to the cathartic journey. This enchanting, intimate track is the second single from Luca Fogale’s upcoming full length album.  Watch/listen: Artist: Of Monsters And MenSong: Wild RosesAlbum: Fever Dream This magical track [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Thursday, July 18, 2019

The speaking tour continues. Tonight I’m in Kamloops. If you’re in the area, come on out. Details here. Give it up, Woodstock 50. Just give up. The festival is not gonna happen. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. How big is metal in Finland? One percent of the population turned out to [&hellip.. more

Rock My World Canada, chapter 83: Carol Laure

[Mike Carr is determined to create a catalogue/reference work featuring all kinds of Canadian rock and alternative releases from the past few decades. Check out his a massive volume on Canadian music history entitled Canadian Alternative & Indie Reference and Collector’s Guide. It’s an incredible discography of hundreds of bands. – AC] Carole Laure (born Carole [&hellip.. more

RIP South African music pioneer Johnny Clegg

For the decades South Africa was under apartheid, we didn’t get to hear much of the music that was being made in the country. My first exposure to South African talent was Ladysmith Black Mambazo who appeared on Paul Simon’s 1986 album, Graceland. The next musician that grabbed me was Johnny Clegg, a brilliant performer [&hellip.. more

Random music news for Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My western Canada speaking tour takes me into Vancouver tonight. Wanna join me? Go here. Confused about music festivals and the rules about cannabis on the grounds? Go here. And there’s even more legal drama with Woodstock 50. They gotta be close to giving up. Meanwhile, a fire broke out at a music festival in [&hellip.. more

Here is the Short List for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize

First came the nominations, resulting in about 200 candidate albums. Then came the vote to bring things down to the Long List. Now after another round of voting by music wonks across the country (me included), we have these ten albums up for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize. Marie Davidson – Working Class Woman Elisapie [&hellip.. more

How to build a home studio

Back in the olden days, the idea of having a recording studio in your home was complicated and tremendously expensive. But today, gear is cheaper, more powerful, and easier to use. Musicians, voiceover artists, radio people, and podcasters can achieve professional studio results with a surprisingly low investment. Contributor Jess Walter has this to say [&hellip.. more

Survey: The most annoying things fans do at music festivals.

Sartre had it right when he said “Hell is other people.” This especially can be true if you’re stuck in a field for a day or a weekend. There’s something about music festival that turn some people into morons. A site called FourLoko.com conducted a survey of annoying music festival behaviours. You don’t do any [&hellip.. more

New Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (July 16, 2019): Swimming with Bears, Legion of Saints, Sunscreen, & More!

Artist: Swimming with Bears Song: “Don’t Think About It”Album: SingleBand location: Austin, Texas Why I like it: Fun and upbeat song. Watch: Artist: Legion of SaintsSong: “Wretched Cabaret”Album: Killing the Silence EPBand location: Ottawa Why I like it: Dark and grungy Listen: Artist: SunscreenSong: “High Over Love”Album: SingleBand location: Sydney, Australia  Why I like it: Indi.. more

Random music news for Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Anyone else getting tired of that smug Trivago guy? Just askin’. Here’s music news for July 16, 2019. My western Canadian speaking tour starts today with a stop in Victoria. Details here. Weekly Canadian music sales and streams vs. where we were at this time last years: Total albums, -25.0%; CDs, -30.2%; digital albums, -20.9%; [&hellip.. more

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