Last of the Old Time CFNYers, Dave Bookman Leaves The Edge

If you’re anywhere near Toronto or familiar with the history of CFNY/The Edge, you know all about Dave Bookman. The guy was all over the station for a couple of decades.

Live in Toronto. Weekend guy.  Afternoon guy.  Evening guy.  The Indie Hour.  The guy who has numbers for all manner of muscians, from the newest indie act to Dave Grohl.  An amazing interviewer.  Host of Nu Music Night at the Horseshoe for a generation.

I first met Bookie sometime in the late 80s/early 90s (sorry, memory is foggy).  I was a co-worker for a decade-and-a-half before I became his boss.  When Brother Bill moved west to a job with CFOX in Vancouver (he informed me 15 minutes after I assumed the job), I instantly made Bookie the afternoon guy.  He stayed there the entire time while I was program director.

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