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I always enjoy when I hear about devices and products that allow for more inclusivity in music. A great product that comes to us from Marlena of PageFlip revolutionizes the way that musicians and people with disabilities turn pages and sheet music.

PageFlip’s device, a bluetooth page turner pedals and mechanical page turner, offers portable, silent, and affordable bidirectional hands-free solutions for turning pages of digital sheet music or conventional books. All the user has to do is tap the wireless foot pedal.

Created in 2002, PageFlip’s founders wanted to revolutionize the way that musicians with disabilities interact with conventional and digital pages on the market. They utilized their background in occupational therapy and engineering to create a product like no other on the market: reliable, portable, silent, and affordable. It took several generations of prototypes, but the creators continued working until they refined PageFlip’s patented technology.
PageFlip offers three products. The PageFlip Lite is an automatic page turner for disabled people to use with conventional print books and textbooks. To use this device, you load up to 10 pages into the devices arms and turn each page by simply tapping a foot pedal. To address the rapid growth of ebooks and electronic documents, PageFlip introduced the Cicada bluetooth pedal as an ideal solution for consumers of digital content who want to enjoy hands-free page turning. Launched shortly after the introduction of the iPad, the PageFlip Cicada has found a home with professional bands and orchestras, Grammy-award winning musicians, and soloists playing prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House. Finally, the third option from PageFlip, the Firefly, is their premier dual pedal automatic music page turner. Offering illuminated pedals, wireless of wired operation, solid ergonomic construction, and completely silent operation, this device is unique among all Bluetooth page turning pedals in that it it is programmable. Five pairs of functions are easily assigned to the integrated pedals and another pair of functions to operational external pedals permits this device to serve as a four-pedal system.
For more information on these fantastic devices, you can check out their website.

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  • January 23, 2020 at 4:40 pm

    Great article, really informative.
    A great alternative to these pedals would be Coda’s Stomp Bluetooth page turner. I find it to be way more robust and reliable for all my page turning needs.
    Take a look at this demo :


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