Pennywise Guitarist Stops Carjacker with Nothing But a Cold, Hard Stare

If you watched any of the American networks yesterday or even today, you might have seen coverage of a carjacking and police chase that went on for hours in Los Angeles yesterday. Some dude grabbed a car in the neighbourhood of Florence south of LA and subsequently led cops on a chase through the surrounding suburbs. The ordeal went on for about three hours, giving all the TV stations with helicopters a chance to cover the event. California TV stations looooooove their car chases.

At one point, the pursuit made its way into Hermosa Beach, the home of Pennywise. It just so happened that guitarist Fletcher Dragge was out in his black Ford F250 doing some errands when he noticed the commotion in his rearview mirror. So he did what everyone is supposed to do when you see flashing cop lights coming up behind you: he pulled over. But in an effort to get out of the way, his truck got hung up on the median and ended up blocking two lanes, stopping the jacked car in its tracks.

This is when the suspect leaped out of that car–which, by this time, had a flat tire–and made for Fletcher’s truck. He was reaching for the door handle on the driver’s side when the dude and Fletcher made eye contact. Fletcher’s expression said “Do NOT touch my truck, asshole.” The guy obviously got the message because he turned around and ran.

The whole encounter was caught on video by one of the TV helicopters overhead.

Never mess with a punk rocker and his pickup. Never.


Alan Cross

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