A Perfect Circle is Set to Release a Really Strange 10-Inch Single

It’s a given that any band headed up by Maynard James Keenan will come up with interesting ways to promote their art. In the case of A Perfect Circle, who are planning to release their first new album in 14 years, a special 10-inch vinyl record is coming March 9 that features a double groove.

This means the grooves of two songs will be intermingled on one side of the record.  When you drop the needle, will you hear “The Doomed” or “Disillusioned?” It all depends which groove catches the stylus first.

Double groove records–also known as “multi-side records“–aren’t that new. Monty Python faked out everyone with their Matching Tie and Handkerchief album in 1973. People couldn’t figure out how they ended up getting two different sets of skits on the same side of the record. But the earliest example seems to be a 1901 release entitled “Fortune Telling Puzzle Record a song and two Fortunes, See if you can find them.”

Since then, everyone from Kate Bush to the Fine Young Cannibals to Jack White have done something similar. Now it’s APC’s turn with these two songs. You can pre-order that vinyl here.

Alan Cross

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