Peter Gabriel to Advise in Study

Can music affect your health? That’s what the Sync Project research study wants to find out. Boston-based PureTech Ventures, the company behind the study, has teamed up with four musicians to help analyze their findings. One of these musicians is classic rock legend Peter Gabriel.

The other three are Annie Clark, composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, and John Hopkins. TeamRock notes that each of the four musicians have all developed products and used technology in innovative ways. For example, according to the Boston Globe, Annie Clark recently designed a guitar that helps better fit a woman’s body.

On the academic side, PureTech has timed up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Berklee College of Music.

Sync Project co-founder Marko Ahtisaari says that by having the former Genesis frontman and the other three musicians as advisors and to help analyse the data, the creative process will be amplified.

The research uses information from smartphone music and health apps, such as Spotify. Researchers track the songs and see how the biometric data created through health apps and wearable devices are influenced. Ahtisaari mentions that we already know that music affects pain, citing this study. The group is interested in what other physiological effects music has on our bodies.

This isn’t the first time that Peter Gabriel has worked with MIT or research involving technology. Recently, he teamed up with MIT’s Interspecies Internet project that aimed at teaching mammals how to use the internet.

As for Sync Project, the research sounds intriguing and Ahtisaari is positive that we’ll soon know the answer to: “what’s happening to our bodies?”

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