Phil Collins: Then and Now

Like many people, I have felt that Phil Collins later career can be pretty much ignored. He has a very large fan base but his music from way back when hit home far more than his sugary love stuff that came later. With the news that he was coming out of retirement after recovering from some health issues, I wasn’t sure what to expect. This interested me:

His health is back. He’s moved to Miami. He’s in the midst of a reissue campaign of his entire discography. There’s an autobiography due later this year, and he is looking to make some new music and play some shows.

But the reported tour and new album? Like many headlines from Collins’ life in recent years, they’re greatly exaggerated. They may happen. They’re likely even, but it’s still too far out to say. Right now, Collins’ biggest focus is embracing his new lease on life and taking advantage of the pop culture tidal shift that’s returned him to favor.

The reissue campaign of his eight solo records has been dubbed the “Take a Look at Me Now” retrospective, featuring new album photography of the 65-year-old Collins in the same poses as his former selves. First out the gate is 1993’s Both Sides and its much more famous sibling, ’81’s Face Value. Sure, Both Sides sold well at the time, but like much of Collins’ ’90s work, it felt the burn of dismissal: too saccharine for the era and relegated to the Adult Contemporary airwaves. Yeah, it is softer stuff than his most beloved, brooding hits, but it’s also Collins’ personal favorite.

Maybe now, after the decline and resurgence of public love for Collins, the world is ready to not only re-embrace him, but give some due consideration to the entirety of his discography. After all, his only crimes were being too famous and wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Glad to see his focus on looking back providing something new in the process. Also glad to see he didn’t head straight to new album and tour territory.

Read the story and interview here.

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