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Playlist Overkill: A 1,000 Song Anti-Trump Playlist That Will Run for Four Years

Trump Derangement Syndrome has various levels of severity. Writer Dave Eggers has created a playlist with 1,000 songs (beginning with REM’s “It’s the End of the World As We Know It”) that will be updated every day of the Trump presidency. It’s an outgrowth of the 30 Days, 30 Songs that was launched in the weeks leadig ng up to the election.

A variety of artists, musicians, writers and celebrities will be asked to help curate the list between now and 2020. Ambitious, yes. Think they can maintain their enthusiasm for rage?

Learn more about 1,000 Days, 1,000 Songs here.

Alan Cross

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3 thoughts on “Playlist Overkill: A 1,000 Song Anti-Trump Playlist That Will Run for Four Years

  • Alan, you appear to desire a place of importance in Music…but all of your Trump Bashing is setting you up more as a “liberal fanatic” that is doing everything he can, to start the next Civil War in America…a war between most of America ( the conservatives and the Democrats that were fed up with the last 8 years) and the liberals ( the ones being vicious to all the Americans that voted Trump into office–again, most of America). Again…How can you be ignorant to the present divide in America as causing brothers to hate brothers ( typically the liberal brother hating the conservative brother), and long time friends to stop speaking to each other….and for factions to have been created on Facebook networks, that are either liberal or conservative, and the liberal ones full of hate and talk that could spark civil war, with the conservative side talk full of bewilderment over how crazy the liberals have become! Music should be a force for good in the world, and Alan, you are using your pulpit to throw gasoline on a fire, and to further endanger millions of relationships. I hope you are proud of yourself!!!

    • Wow. I’ve never been accused of aiding in the start of a civil war.

      All I’m doing is reporting what’s happening in music as a result of the rise of President Trump. I have nothing to do with the divide itself. But it would be woefully ignorant of me (not to mention negligent!) to ignore how his election is affecting the world of music.

    • Wow Alan, you are so powerful!! To think that Oakville is the start of the next American Civil War!!

      Hey @iambroadband, maybe you should slow your roll a bit…No one, other than your orange man-tan loving dumpster fire of a president is starting anything.

      Don’t forget,he’s the one who wants to to roll back women’s rights to the 1950’s, he’s the one who wants make the White House his own “He Man Woman Haters Club” full of fat old rich white men (non-elected by the way), he’s the one who wants to take away your health care that was 200+ years in the making, he’s the one who wants take away a womens right to choose and he’s the one who thinks its fine to grab America by the pussy….

      Take a long look in the fucking mirror, this ones on you…


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