Police Release Details on Scott Weiland’s Death

A couple of days ago, I came into possession of Scott Weiland’s will–it’s a public legal document–and it listed his net worth at approximately $2 million. Now police in Minnesota have released details on his death.

  • Band members told Bloomington police that in the days leading up to December 3, Weiland had been drinking very heavily (especially vodka and tequila) and taking several different types of drugs (cocaine and MDA). (When he appeared at 102.1 the Edge in Toronto for an interview two days earlier, many people remarked that he was not looking well.)
  • A roadie for Weiland’s band The Wildabouts, named Aaron Mohler was the person who found Weiland. Early in the vening of December 3, he entered the back bedroom of the band’s tour bus after getting a call from Weiland’s wife saying that she was worried. She hadn’t heard from him that day–a bad sign, she thought.
  • Mohley initially thought that Scott was sleeping so he tried to shake him awake. He then realized Scott wasn’t breathing.
  • His first call was to drummer Joey Castillo before he quickly called 911 for an ambulance. He reportedly told the dispatcher “I think he’s dead. He’s not moving. He’s stiff. He’s hard as a rock right now. There’s no breath, there’s no nothing.”
  • Long before police and ambulance, there was nothing that could be done. Scott was dead. Rigor mortis had already set in, meaning that Scott had died anywhere from three to six hours earlier.

Mary Forsberg, Scott’s second wife and the mother of his two children, has taken legal action to become the official executor of his will.

(Via Classic Rock Magazine)

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