The Present Whereabouts of 15 Former Buzz Bands

For some reason, the Ting Tings came to mind the other day.  I was a fan of their first album, no-so-knocked out with their second and then…what?  Nothing.  Silence.  It’s like they never existed.

Pigeons and Planes must have been wondering, too, because they’ve included the Ting Tings in a list of 15 former buzz bands that buzz no more.

Like who?  Black Kids, The Temper Trap, Tapes n Tapes, The Bravery–you get the idea.

Rock’n’roll is a vicious game.

PS: One thing the article failed to mention is that Sam Endicott and John Hill co-wrote three songs for Shakira, including the single “She Wolf,” which was a number one song in a bunch of countries around the planet.  That was just the start of a professional relationship with her.  They’re fine.

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One thought on “The Present Whereabouts of 15 Former Buzz Bands

  • April 16, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    Evidently, these bands weren’t that great or they would still be around. Just proves my point that just because some “critic” deems a band to be “buzz” worthy DOES NOT MEAN that said bands are that good or are popular, just that the “critic” likes them.

    I could post a column about 15 bands that I like being “buzz” worthy, but I highly doubt anyone would care, nor would I want them to, as it’s just my opinion.

    I find good music by LISTENING to it, not by reading some frustrated musician who can’t do anything else but be a “critic”. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll keep the band in the back of my mind if someone suggests listening, but I could care less if the “critic” believes said band to be “the next big thing” as they’re almost always wrong.

    I’m just sayin’…


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