Promoting a Gig? Don’t Forget the Human Element

Digital Music News offers some very good advice for any artist looking to get people out to a show.

Most bands direct 100% of their promo efforts online. They don’t understand why 228 people Joined their show’s Facebook Event but only 17 actually showed up. Well, for one, Facebook has gotten so overwhelming and people have nearly reached their tipping point of friend saturation. Even if they join your Facebook Event, it’s so far down on their priority list that just the event isn’t going to get them out to the show.They need a few more nudges. If they can get those nudges from their existence in the physical world, in their daily lives, they will much more likely come out to the show. Don’t forget that we humans exist off the internet (occasionally) too! Just step outside, pocket that phone and take a look at all the pedestrians ogling the trees!

The way I got 250 people to my debut CD release show was by exhausting every non-digital promotional outlet FIRST. Because most bands in your scene aren’t doing this, you will stand out!

Building a performing music career in this day and age is (unfortunately) much more than just about how great your music is. If you want to get noticed by anyone you have to make sure people come to your shows. And to get people to come to your shows there are many more ways to get them there than just a Facebook invite.

Now let’s get into some detail.  Read on.

Alan Cross

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