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Prophets of Rage Declare Los Angeles a “No-Trump Zone”

The airport protests against the Trump administration’s ban on refugees from seven Muslim-dominated countries has surprised many with their size and volume. Tom Morello and Chuck D of Prophets of Rage thought they’d join the crowd at LAX. The Hollywood Reporter has this.

At airports around the country Sunday, protesters gathered to speak out against President Trump’s recently enacted immigration ban. At the Los Angeles protest, thousands of people were joined by Prophets of Rage’s Tom Morello and Chuck D.

On their way out of the protest at LAX, where their car was greeted by honking horns and signs in support and thanks for their presence, the two spoke with Billboard about how Trump’s first week has galvanized the American resistance in an unprecedented manner.

As would be expected from two of the most politically outspoken musicians of the last 30 years, they had a lot to say about their disdain for Trump and his policies.

Did you ever think we’d have a president who would almost make us long for the Bush era?

Tom Morello: [Laughs] The way I look at is what Trump has done in a week is galvanize the opposition. That’s what this is; this unprecedented racism, bigotry and proto-fascist agenda that he’s trying to shove down America’s throat has unleashed the resistance that will dethrone him.

Neil Young recently predicted a surge in activism, saying today felt more like the 1960s than anything he has ever seen because, like when people were protesting Vietnam, there is a clear target for their protest. Being at the airport today, do you see that?

Morello: It’s not just that they have a target. The reason why many young people in the Vietnam War era were active was their lives were threatened by the draft and they were going to perhaps be forced to go overseas and fight in an immoral war. At the rally today, it’s not just young people, it’s people of all ages. They feel this is a threat to democracy, to humanity.

Keep reading. By the way, Trump is said to have spent part of the weekend watching Finding Dory at the White House. Ironic, considering that the movie is about immigrating fish trying to reunite with family.

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