Punk Star: “Santa Barbara Shooting Was a Hoax” [UPDATE]

By now you’ve heard all about the carnage created by uber-narcissist Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara last Friday.  It’s a pretty cut-and-dried situation:  freak misogynist monster plans a slaughter and then kills himself, leaving everyone else behind to deal with the horror.

But what’s this?  It was all a hoax?

In another sick example of “trutherism,” Exene Cervenka, singer for the LA punk band X, believes that the Santa Barbara shootings and stabbings were just another example of some kind of job planned by Unseen Masters to keep the population in line–just like 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombings.  Her thinking is that these attacks will encourage more people to demand gun control.  Once new laws restricting firearms are in place, the government will have greater control over the citizenry.  The population will then be defenseless against tyranny.

In other words, the Santa Barbara rampage was staged in an effort to promote gun control.

Hey, I like a good conspiracy theory as the next person, but Cervenka is totally nuts.  Completely and utterly batshit.

She claims that Rodger’s infamous “manifesto” was actually shot in a studio.  She subscribes to the theory that no one was shot and no one died.  (Hey, tell that to the families of the seven victims and the 13 injured.)  Cervenka chalks all this up to “reality avoidance syndrome,” which states Americans just don’t want to deal with the truth and would rather spend time anesthetized to reality by watching TV, sports and porn.

Crazy.  If you need to dig deeper into this bullshit, go here.

UPDATE:  Cervenka has now issued an apology.

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4 thoughts on “Punk Star: “Santa Barbara Shooting Was a Hoax” [UPDATE]

  • When I hear people start talking about this shooting, as if it were ‘real’ in some way, I immediately realize how disturbed and messed up this country is … there are people out there who are literally ‘insane’. They actually BELIEVE these mass shootings are REAL … mother of God.

    • Whatever you say crazy person

  • It’s obvious after her “retraction” that she said what she said to garner attention to her ideologies and she did so by saying something outrageous on purpose and then “retracting” her comments, but still commenting on the subject, just couched in different terms.

    Sad, really, because I’m a huge Exene/John Doe/X fan and this is a bit embarrassing to me.

    I’m just sayin’… \m/ \m/

  • If you analyse the evidence available then you would know these alleged shootings are fake. The bodies were left on the street until the next day and that is not normal. The blood was still wet the next day and that is not normal. In the IV café the owner cleans up blood and bullets and that is illegal as this was supposed to be a crime scene. In a number of photos the police are wearing runners and that’s not normal. The bicycle that Elliot Rodger is alleged to have hit just before he killed himself, is not present in the photos taken at night, but it is suddenly there in the photos taken during the day.
    Anyone who believes the killings are real, must be extremely naive.


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