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Queen is making an INSANE amount of money from “Bohemian Rhapsody.” And now they’re releasing a cassette.

When Queen first released “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a single on October 31, 1975, it was a disaster. Reviews were brutal. The band was ridiculed. Even their record company had zero faith in the song. Now, though, it’s considered one of the landmark rock songs of all time.

Once you reach that status, you can’t stop the money from flowing in. According to some new estimates out of the UK, Queen makes more than £100,000 a day from the song. A day! Yes, that includes revenues from the movie of the same name, but it wouldn’t have existed without the song, right?

Where has Freddie’s money gone? His former partner, Mary Austin. She’s earned about £7million, even though she’s not part of the band’s business empire or had anything to do with the movie.

Queen has also made a shit-ton from streaming. And now they’re hoping to earn a little more from a new cassette. Yes, a cassette. Fill yer boots, I guess. (Via Andrew)

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One thought on “Queen is making an INSANE amount of money from “Bohemian Rhapsody.” And now they’re releasing a cassette.

  • We are all aware of your well documented aversion to cassettes. However ,you have to remember we experienced all of the annoying faults with them. For this generation it’s a fascinating throw back to the old days.
    Let them learn the hard way. As for Queen like they care? Royalties are royalties right?


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