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Question: If Nirvana Reunites and Plays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Who Should Play Kurt?

While there’s no guarantee that there will be any kind of Nirvana performance during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event next Thursday, there is some speculation that they might, given this tweet from Krist Novoselic.

It’s pretty safe to say that Kurt won’t be there, so a proxy may be required. But who?

What about Paul McCartney? He’s already played the role of Kurt in a couple of “Sirvana” performances.  Then again, his presence would overshadow what’s supposed to be Nirvana’s moment.  Scratch him.

Courtney?  Doubtful, given her fractious relationship with Dave and Krist.  Although she does plans to be there.

Michael Stipe?  Possibly, given that he’ll be the guy inducting the band.  He was also Kurt’s friend and comes Courtney-approved.

So let’s throw it open.  Assuming that you believe that Nirvana should perform (and I’m of the opinion that they shouldn’t, but never mind), who should fill Kurt’s spot for this one-time-only thing?

And if you’re feeling melancholy about the upcoming 20th anniversary of Kurt’s suicide next week (probably April 5, but we’re still not 100% sure), here’s a Spin article from 2004.

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11 thoughts on “Question: If Nirvana Reunites and Plays at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Who Should Play Kurt?

  • Rick Springfield

  • Bring back Chad Channing to drum, and throw Dave Grohl out front to sing and play guitar. That way it’s all Nirvana, no guests.

    • Agreed. Instrumental ‘All Apologies’ would work.

  • I would say buddy from Seether if their going for sounding like Kurt

  • How about Shaun Morgan from Seether? He sounds identical. It’s uncanny…

  • john mcaulley of Deer Tick. his band does a nirvana tribute called deervana and his vocal similarities are shocking. he’s quite good at it… though I really think they shouldn’t perform.


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