Quick: Name the major city with more Spotify listeners than anywhere else

Here’s a geography test: What city on earth has more Spotify listeners than anywhere else? Must be New York or LA, no? If not, then London UK, right? Nope, nope, and nope.

According to Music Business Worldwide, the global Spotify champion is Mexico City.

When you think about it, though, Mexico City’s top-spot position shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Its population is 21 million, which puts it at number six on the list of the largest cities in the world. Tokyo (#1) may have 38 million souls, but streaming still isn’t a thing in Japan. Delhi (#2, with 26 million) and Mumbai (#5, with 21 million) are in India, a place where Spotify has only recently appeared. Shanghai (#3, 24 million) has no access to Spotify. The only possible contender for the Spotify crown is Sao Paulo #4, 21 million) because streaming is exploding the most in Latin American countries.

What kind of numbers are we talking about? Imagine Dragons, for example, have 995,940 monthly listeners (not listens) in just Mexico City.

This data is extremely valuable to managers, agents, and promoters. For example, without Spotify data, who would have known that the city is also home to a large number of Pixies fans (145,955 monthly listeners). This knowledge allowed the band to play a gig in the city’s main downtown square that attracted 100,000 people.

Those are powerful numbers. Turns out that Mexico City is a key live market for Metallica, Diplo, Radiohead, New Order, and Bruno Mars.

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