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Radiohead fans likely left High and Dry for Toronto shows

No surprises here:  both Radiohead shows in Toronto sold out incredibly fast Saturday morning. The band hasn’t played a show here since a stage collapse in 2012 that killed one worker. (The legal case is still working its way through the court.)

Presale for the July concert sold out right away. General sale started at 10 a.m. and looked like this right away:


Within minutes, nothing happened. The little blue ticket icon kept filling up and going white, over and over again, as it searched –allegedly – for seats.

Curious, I went to Twitter to see how everyone else was faring.

It was a lot of hit and miss. More misses than hits, unfortunately.

Keep in mind, this was for the Friday show. The verdict was likely the same for the Thursday show.

Oddly, there were plenty of tickets available in other cities, including Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Boston, Montreal—Detroit only had single seats available, but tickets were up for sale.

New York City, Toronto and the first night for Chicago are sold out.

Might the anti-bot legislation in the United States, now in place for more than a year, have something to do with this? Probably not: Elton John’s tour, with stops all across the country, sold out nearly instantly.

The damn bots are still winning.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I managed to get a single seat in the 300 level for Toronto but it took about 15 minutes of waiting, using both my phone and laptop.

Did you try for any of these shows? Did you have any luck or know anyone who did?

Of course, there’s always Stubhub… within hours, we’re looking at seats starting at $134.




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9 thoughts on “Radiohead fans likely left High and Dry for Toronto shows

  • I got lower bowl, section 122, from my iPad while in Turks & Caicos on holiday. Same for the Pumpkins the day prior, section 106. It helps if you have a Ticketmaster account and are logged in via their URL, don’t use their app as it’s terrible.

  • I got in on the presale for Thursday. GA floors. The site crashed for 4 minutes and then put me in a queue for a few minutes. After I got my ticket I went back in and could have bought more.

  • I got that blue ticket using the Ticket Master App… so I jumped to the LiveNation app and got through right away.. no waiting.. it was the same way for Paul Simon.. nothing through TM… got 11th row floors from the LN app…

    I feel a bit wrong buying tickets to their (Radiohead) show through Live Nation given the current court case



  • My wife and I were set on 2 phones and 2 PCs. Just the searching screen and or errors on all 4 devices. We for were trying for Thursday and Friday. After 30 minutes we were offered section 101. Got another error and no tickets…

  • I was able to get 2 GA tickets in the presale. Was put in the virtual queue for about 4 minutes and then 2 tix came up for Friday. I would have preferred a seat but wasn’t an option.

  • I searched for a GA ticket the second tickets went on sale to the public. A GA ticket came up, but after I went through the process and pressed “Place Order”, it said an error came up and I lost the ticket. I searched again for a GA ticket, but none came up, and tickets had only been on sale for 5 minutes. I then got a 100 level ticket close to the stage and was able to buy that, but I’m pissed that I couldn’t buy a GA ticket for some unknown reason.

  • Also, another reason I’m pissed is that you can only access your ticket through your phone. It’s not a problem for me because I have a phone, but doesn’t that discriminate against people who don’t have phones? For example, my Dad doesn’t have a phone, and I can imagine how pissed off he’d be that if he couldn’t access his ticket because he doesn’t have a phone. You shouldn’t have to have a phone to be able to attend a concert.

  • I waited before 10am for the page to load after the countdown, selected my tickets and waited patiently for 9 mins. I did not refresh or go on multiple devices. I was offered great seats in the 100s for the show on the 19th. One of the only times I beat the bots on TM. I expected to fail, but was very surprised. I liked how Depeche Mode handled their presales this year. I was disappointed that Radiohead did not follow suit since they are so vocal on the topic.

  • Had the blue ticket icon on 2 devices for 20+ minutes, but scored 4 upper bowl using the mobile site (not the app.) $500 once TicketMaster added all their charges. They don’t even print/mail physical tickets, but their service charges keep going up and up!
    Captialism or monopoly?
    Does all the anger and frustration here and elsewhere amount to anything when ultimately we all end up climbing over each other to beg TM to take our money when there’s a show you want to see?


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