Radiohead’s New Music Film At TIFF

Radiohead appears, as they usually do, to be taking the world by storm. First, the disappearance from the internet quickly followed by the surprise of “Burn The Witch” and then the announcement of their album A Moon Shaped Pool. With the release of the next song from the album “Daydreaming” came not just a music video but what they are calling a ‘music film’.

The creative partnership between Jonny Greenwood and director Paul Thomas Anderson dates back to 2007’s There Will Be Blood, which used passages of the former’s orchestral piece “Popcorn Superhet Receiver” to power up its soundtrack, along with newly commissioned music from the Radiohead guitarist. Since then, the two collaborators have been artistically joined at the hip, with Greenwood scoring both The Master (2012) and Inherent Vice (2014) and Anderson directing Junjun (2015), a documentary following his friend to a recording session in India.
On Friday – two days after revealing the eerie Playmobil-meets-the-Wicker-Man promo for “Burn the Witch” – Radiohead premiered a new music video directed by Anderson: his first foray into the format since his clip last year for Inherent Vice star Joanna Newsom and her spritely folk song “Sapokanikan.” The teaser only foretold news that Radiohead would drop their ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool, this past Sunday, a haunting, symphonic potent of doom available for download on their website.
Entitled “Daydreaming,” Anderson’s video follows Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke on a surreal walking tour through a series of locations joined together by a motif of opening doors. Although not filmed in a single take, the parallel trajectories between the camera and Yorke, combined with a seamless editing scheme, gives the impression of fluid progress. The resulting effect is a serene, gliding sensation that plays on the song’s title.

The fine folks at The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) have chosen to include showing this intriguing video as part of several screenings. Note this is an exclusive screening in the 35mm format it was shot. Sources at TIFF said the film arrived with a label reading: “We’ve made a film, here it is. We’d be happy if you played it!”.

Here’s the schedule:
Thurs. May 12

Thurs. May 19
River of Grass

Sun. May 21
River of Grass

Tues. May 24
The Professional

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