Rage Against The Brexit Machine – Huh?

Sometimes the best way to protest is to be just plain weird! Activist Peter Cook has come up with the idea that the strange combination of pop music and underpants is going to save Britain from Brexit! From their GoFundMe page:

We are forming a popular movement that will reclaim and empower the centre ground of UK Politics through our project “Rage Against The Brexit Machine” and a series of music releases, starting with “Pants to Brexit”. Our previous campaign helped decimate Theresa May’s “landslide majority” into a “landfill Government”. Naked populism brought us the Brexit referendum result. We will lay Brexit to rest via a populist approach that will expose the naked truth about Brexit and the compelling benefits of a Better Britain in a United Europe.

Here’s Peter Cook explaining:

And here’s a taste of the single “Pants To Brexit”:

Their stated goals are as follows:

1. To start a popular movement to “take back control” of the centre ground of politics. We will do this via the release of a stream of pop songs under the banner “Rage Against The Brexit Machine”. We aim to get the singles “Pants to Brexit” b/w “Jacob Rees Moog” and “No Jeremy Corbyn” to Number One in the UK music charts. We are currently speaking to Rage Against The Machine about a possible Christmas No 1.

2. To break “political paralysis” in major political parties through our unique brand of “multi-sensory activism” (mixing pop with politics). We launch the song “Pants to Brexit” at the Liberal Democrat party conference in Bournemouth and we will “move the dial” of public opinion though the new understanding that “Brexit Means Pants”.

3. To gain quality press, media and PR attention for the “Pants to Brexit” movement, based on our success in major national and international print, TV and web media

You can listen to the whole song and get more info here.

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