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Random music news for Thursday, December 20, 2019

Last day of fall. Winter is coming. Beyond that, here’s what I have for music news on December 20., 2018.

  1. More information has emerged about Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien personal arsenal discovered when his house burned down last week. Two military-grade flamethrowers? And they’re legal in Florida?
  2. Kris Roe, the frontman for The Ataris, is okay after the band’s van was innocently totalled during a high-speed change in Hollywood. It was ugly.
  3. Gwen Stefani could be held responsible for starting a stampede at one of her concerts in which a fan got hurt.
  4. New info out of South Korea says that K-pop sensation BTS contributes $3.6 billion US annually to the country’s economy. That includes 800,000 annual visitors who go to South Korea just because of BTS.
  5. Geez, Facebook. How long have you been selling us out? And you roped in Spotify and Netflix, too?
  6. Could this song rival Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You?” Probably not, but at least it’s weird.
  7. A radio station in Kentucky decided to fight back against political correctness by playing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” for two straight hours.
  8. Here’s an excellent reason to have a water-resistant iPhone.
  9. New owners Apple has removed all ads from Shazam.
  10. Soon you won’t even need a key for your car. Ask Hyundai.
  11. The man-free festival in Sweden has been ruled discriminatory.
  12. If you run a store, restaurant or any other business, you need to read this about the music you play in your establishment.
  13. The global record music business could hit over $20 billion in revenues in 2019.
  14. Listen to music on your phone but want more deep bass? Take a look at this.
  15. Liam and Noel are at it again.
  16. And neighbours Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page are still fighting. This round goes to Robbie.
  17. Here’s a list of rock stars who have hearing problems. Try not to be like them.
  18. A heavy read but worth it: The trends that will shape music in 2019.
  19. More heavy stuff: Copyright reform is coming to Canada. And yes, this will involve music.

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