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Random Music News for Saturday, October 17, 2015

What happens on Shark Tank really shouldn’t bother me as much as it does. What’s wrong with me? And now, music news…

  1. The Eagles can’t be happy with this ISIS connection.
  2. This looks like it’ll be the biggest music trial since “Blurred Lines.” Jay Z will be in the spotlight.
  3. Meanwhile, is Jay Z thinking about selling Tidal to Samsung?
  4. Patti Smith just got back some stuff that had been stolen 36 years ago.
  5. Anyone remember these English hair metal bands from the 80s?
  6. Cannibal Corpse beer? Yep. Just in time for Halloween!
  7. Interested in buying Michael Jackson’s favourite sofa? Great! But there’s a catch
  8. Should there be limits to songwriting credits?
  9. This could herald the death of the physical concert ticket. (Via Bobby)
  10. Are you a Bob Dylan fan? Then you’ll want to investigate this.
  11. How will do you know your #8 hits? Yes, songs that peaked at #8. It’s a weird quiz, for sure.
  12. Hip hop Mumford & Sons? Maybe.
  13. Penelope Cruz straddles Bono. In public. With her husband watching.
  14. Electric Jukebox? I don’t think this one is gonna work.
  15. Taylor Swift: “If I wasn’t in music, I’d be in marketing.” A telling statement, no?
  16. The Grammy nominations will be out in December.
  17. Travis Barker’s drug battle.
  18. AudioBurst: Curated talk radio.

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