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Random Music New for Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer colds are the worst. Just sayin’. And now, the music news for August 24.

  1. Rapper Joey Bada$$ bragged about staring directly at the sun during the eclipse–and then had to cancel three shows. Who’s the badass now? You or that big ball of burning gas in the sky?
  2. How did “Despacito” become such a massive worldwide hit? This article deconstructs everything.
  3. Hate groups have tried to co-opt elements of popular culture before. They’ve always failed.
  4. James Murphy had a VR LCD Soundsystem party for us.
  5. Here’s a wireless sound system for the Porsche GT3 lover.
  6. And would you spend $3,200 on a Lamborghini cell phone? Someone will.
  7. A sign of the times: The venerable Village Voice, first published in New York City in 1955, is ceasing its print version and is going all digital.
  8. These rings turn sounds into colours. Coooool.
  9. Britney Spears fans want Confederate monuments replaced by statues of her. I should point out that Missy Elliott fans have the same idea.
  10. On a related note, Fans of The Sound of Music will be happy about this.
  11. Here are more details on the casting for the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.
  12. The KLF are back!
  13. Had he lived, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains would have turned 50 this week. The band released this tribute video.
  14. The Village People added a new member: an Asian construction worker.
  15. Looking to troll the KKK? Try a sousaphone like this guy.
  16. According to eMarketer, we spend 19.9% of our “average daily total media time” using apps on our phones. That works out to 2 hours and 25 minutes, up 10.3% from last year. Of that, most of the time is spend with digital audio.
  17. Are you a fan of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?” The song wouldn’t exist without this guy, a person you’ve probably never heard of.
  18. You’ve heard of Dolby, the sound people right? Bet you didn’t know they were into these kinds of things.
  19. Coldplay’s Chris Martin is a really sweet guy. Here’s more proof.
  20. Spotify’s TV commercials in the UK were the subject of some complaints. What about the children? Won’t someone PLEASE think about the children!

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