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Random music news for Friday, August 16, 2019

That’s it. I’m officially sick of the Trivago guy. How many commercials can one person do? Moving on to music news for August 16, 2019…

  1. Say what you want about Taylor Swift, this was a nice gesture.
  2. How a 15-second encounter between Tay-Tay and Kanye West affected culture for a decade.
  3. Jay-Z is now the “live music strategist” of the NFL.
  4. Here’s a good story on the 100-year-plus history of Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.
  5. And here’s the history of Charles Manson’s musical ambitions. Scary.
  6. A beat machine in a cardboard box. Cool!
  7. This composer has created a musical work using the sounds of the London Tube.
  8. Here is a serious #MeToo situation that–well, we really are not sure. You will see what I mean.
  9. On the same subject, R Kelly met with the star lawyer for Michael Jackson.
  10. If karaoke is your thing, be careful, okay? You do not want to end up like this dude. Via Tom
  11. Clash fans will want to go to there.
  12. The major labels are now making US$16,000 per second from streaming.
  13. The Recording Industry Association of America alleges that 25 percent of CDs sold on Amazon are counterfeit.
  14. Siri on Spotify? Soon.
  15. This is wild: Despite having 1.3 billion views on YouTube, Gotye has not made a single cent from that because he refuses to allow ads on “Somebody I Used to Know.”
  16. The ex-drummer of Sleater-Kinney was involved in a car accident and shes had to cancel her tour.
  17. A good question: Why are there now so many music films these days?

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