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Random Music News for Friday, December 18, 2015

That’s it. After today, almost no one is going to get any work done–unless, of course, you work in retail, essential services or in the service industry. Don’t expect that person you really, really need to answer your email to get back to you until at least January 4.  And now, the music news.

  1. I get why Eagles of Death Metal are giving away free tickets to their Paris show to Bataclan survivors, but I think I’d be a little too PTSD’d to go.
  2. Speaking of which, the Cult’s new lyric video is related to the Paris attacks.
  3. Here’s why the economics of streaming music are so horribly fragile–and flawed.
  4. Interesting: Here’s a call to deregulate the music industry in the US.
  5. Here’s a gallery of people with Downs Syndrome having fun posing as rock icons. (Via Shane)
  6. This is a singing clowder of cats.
  7. The power of Christmas songs. Sadly, I seem to be immune.
  8. Stone Temple Pilots have returned to the Top 40 on the US album charts following Scott Weiland’s death.
  9. A look at Psy’s post-“Gangnam Style” challenges.
  10. What was a bigger year in music: 1966 or 1981?
  11. Adele’s 25 is nearing sales of 6 million in the US.
  12. Nick Minaj is going to perform for the dictator of Angola. Two million dollars is apparently making her forget his human rights abuses.
  13. Roger Waters is having Rolex-and-wife issues.
  14. Things are looking better for the French concert industry after the Paris attacks.
  15. Bjork tries to explain herself. Good luck with that.

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