Random music news for Friday, July 2, 2021

I’m officially off on vacation until July 12, but I can’t ignore music news, you know? Here’s what’s happening for July 2, 2021.

  1. Eleven years after he died, Ronnie James Dio will finally publish his autobiography. Wait–what?
  2. A fourth accuser has sued Marilyn Manson, alleging rape, human trafficking, unlawful imprisonment, choking, cutting with a knife, whipping, and biting.
  3. Now Katy Perry is into NFTs. There’s a Las Vegas connection.
  4. COVID has apparently taken a big financial toll on Elton John. He’s having some trouble.
  5. I was on the Canadian Musician podcast talking about NFTs, spatial audio, and more. Listen here.
  6. This would be an interesting way to listen to a concert–while at the concert.
  7. This is weird, Old Spice.
  8. And the largest smartphone market in the world today is…
  9. Green Day has released some limited-edition vinyl as they tease more new music.
  10. This post-COVID (fingers crossed) concert in New York’s Central Park has added big names.
  11. Britney: Still not free. And on a related note, she’s not the first person to be treated this way. See?
  12. This would be a blow for the future of HD-Radio. Question: Will anyone notice?
  13. MTV’s 40th anniversary is coming up August 1. Even the AARP is looking back. (Via Tom)
  14. “Exclusive stories” on Instagram? It’s now a thing that people will have to pay for.
  15. The first sports broadcast happened on the radio 100 years ago today. It was for a boxing match.

More news? Look her.

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