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Random music news for Friday, July 6, 2018

Between the national holidays in Canada and the US combined with the World Cup and the oppressive heat over much of the continent, this is probably the least productive week of the year so far. Stil, there’s music news for Friday, July 6.

  1. Neil Young: Not a Trump fan.
  2. Snoop Dogg and Captain Picard are together at last in a new weed venture. Wait–what?
  3. So what’s the status of Tupac’s “solved” murder? Let’s get a comment.
  4. The murder of this folksinger has transfixed Chile since 1973.
  5. More proof that Apple is deadly serious when it comes to security on the iPhone. The FBI and the NSA aren’t going to like this.
  6. ISIS pop? Is that really a thing? Yes.
  7. More problems with ticket scalping, this time in Australia regarding Childish Gambino.
  8. Today’s obligatory World Cup post features Ronnie Wood of the Rollings Stones.
  9. She started by fooling around with Instagram. Now she’s Drake’s image director.
  10. Ray Davies insists that The Kinks are getting back together. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.
  11. Canada’s Walk of Fame wants to move to a new street in Toronto.
  12. So what is the biggest music festival in the world? Let’s find out.
  13. Devo played a gig last weekend, their first in a couple of years. They were introduced by film director John Waters, who had something to say about Donald Trump. (Via Tom)
  14. The biggest music company you’ve never heard of seems ready to file a $31 billion IPO.
  15. This Beatles “tour bus” is going up for auction.
  16. Unless you’ve been keeping track, you’ll never believe that this album is set to become the biggest of the year.
  17. What’s this new “ultra” subscription tier from Netflix?
  18. And speaking of which, Netflix is killing it these days.
  19. AI may soon determine what movies get made. Will it be the same with music?

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