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Random music news for Friday, March 24, 2023

A five planet alignment is about to happen. Astrologers are losing their sh*t. Moving to music news for March 24, 2023…

  1. The massive MSG Sphere in Las Vegas–the place where U2 is supposed to play this fall--is looking to hire for 3,000 positions. (Via Raven)
  2. Is Apple’s auto-correct ruining your life, too?
  3. Jewel: “Mom, if you needed $100 million, you could just asked. But nooooooo.
  4. Meanwhile, the former drummer of Culture Club is now owed £1.75 million by the rest of the band.
  5. I’ve never heard of a cancer scanner being used as a musical instrument before.
  6. Pop star Donald Trump has failed to make the Billboard singles chart with his debut single.
  7. Fascinating: How ChatGPT is changing music.
  8. Here’s the latest update on the playlist for King Charles’ coronation.
  9. Interesting stat: 15% of the tracks uploaded to Spotify generate 95% of royalty payments.
  10. If ticket-buying bots and secondary sellers are banned, what will a company like StubHub do? Maybe this.
  11. CEO of ByteDance, the parent of TikTok: “We are not an agent of China.”
  12. The Guinness Book of World Records people say that The Weeknd is now the most popular artist in the world.\
  13. The Punk Rock Museum opens for business in Las Vegas on April 1. Check it out.
  14. It took a LOT of work to design Elton John’s final tour. Details here.
  15. Has it been ten years already? Yep.

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BONUS: This.

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One thought on “Random music news for Friday, March 24, 2023

  • I have never liked the iOS keyboard and it was a major reason I originally chose Android, and have stuck with it.

    But on the Android side it’s been frustrating too. The best keyboard ever, Swype, got bought by Nuance (makers of Dragon Dictation), bloated, ruined, abandoned, and then finally completely discontinued. Nothing else has been as good as those early versions. I’ve been making do with SwiftKey (bought by Microsoft). It’s decent, but still not as good as Swype originally was. It’s really the punctuation that nothing else seems to do as well, accurately or deliberately.


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