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Random music news for Friday, May 27, 2022

Love this kid. Way to go! And now let’s transition to music news for May 27, 2022.

  1. Surprise! Ted Nugent still doesn’t think there’s a gun problem in America.
  2. Meanwhile, Don McLean says he’s pulled out of performing at the NRA convention in Houston this weekend. Probably a good move, huh?
  3. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler says he’s spent US$6 million on cocaine.
  4. Interesting: Although rock rules the vinyl format, big, BIG boosts are coming from pop fans.
  5. If you use Waze for navigation, Apple Music is now available for your drive.
  6. Berlin’s club scene: Crazy. (Via Sean)
  7. This is an interesting Bob Dylan collectible.
  8. The San Francisco Giants have an annual “Metallica Night.”
  9. This is how TikTok has messed up music marketing.
  10. Streaming of ambient music: It’s a thing.
  11. Weird Al is about to release a graphic novel.
  12. An outdoor TV? Yes, please.
  13. How much Photoshop was used here? A lot? Some? None?
  14. We’re number two! We’re number two!
  15. Uh…

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BONUS: ‘Murica.

BONUS BONUS: This bull terrier.


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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Friday, May 27, 2022

  • I’m not surprised about Berlin being a hedonistic mecca for clubs. I didn’t watch the full documentary; I’ll save that for a day when I have more time. My point being the germans have always known their sh*t when it comes to music. Leastaways when it comes to the sort that I listen to: new wave, post-punk, industrial, goth – that whole dance scene what was my scene back in the day. They *still* do it well and put out amazing compilations and extendo-mixes (as I fondly like to call them – although I’m not necessarily fond of really long mixes outside of a club scene and those don’t exist in the real world anymore – not any real world I know of, at least) . I buy as many of them as I can find when I have the extra €€€€ because they don’t come cheap unless I can get them in $$.

  • Hey Ruins, just wanted to note that I appreciate your thoughtful comments on Alan’s blog! Someone is reading them!


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