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Random Music News for Friday, November 20, 2015

On this date in 1985, a small company called Microsoft released a new operating system called Windows. Version 1.0 was awful.

  1. With so many people expected to buy Adele’s 25, is it any surprise that the album won’t be available on streaming music services? Nope.
  2. Vinyl prices are going up at the end of the month, just in time for Christmas. We’re supposed to blame the state of the Canadian dollar.
  3. Interesting point: Why doesn’t audio ever go viral?
  4. “La Marseillaise” will be played before all EPL games this weekend “as an act of remembrance and solidarity with France after the Paris attacks.”
  5. Some female artists have remixed “Hotline Bling” and offer some advice to Drake.
  6. Patti LaBelle pies? Yep. A big hit at WalMart.
  7. Bill Murray has teamed up with Phoenix to release a Christmas song December 4.
  8. This magic microphone translates Japanese into three languages, including English.
  9. Vocal cords transplants a possibility? Maybe.
  10. Gwyneth Paltrow haters: she’s singing on the new Coldplay album.
  11. Some dude got himself a “I Love Justin Bieber” tramp stamp. Here’s why.
  12. After the Paris attacks, Bob Dylan has asked for 12 armed guards for shows in Italy.
  13. And Bob Geldof had this to say.
  14. This 12-year-old plays guitar better than you ever will.
  15. Imagine if your mom was involved in this.
  16. More proof that social media is the new all-seeing, all-judging, all-punishing God: Jimmy Iovine apologizes for saying women “find it very difficult” to find music.
  17. This cop was fired for joining a death metal band onstage. Harsh.

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