Random music news for Friday, November 4, 2022

Why are our attention spans shortening? Take a look at this. Then take a look at music news for November 4, 2022.

  1. What’s former Apple designer Jonny Ive been up to since he left the company? This.
  2. There’s unrest at an Apple factory in China. This doesn’t bode well.
  3. Want to control your iPhone with your brain? Soon.
  4. Why haven’t Spotify and Apple Music severed their relationships with Kanye West? Discuss.
  5. Speaking of whom, he apparently settled a dispute with an employee over anti-semitic language.
  6. TikTok is ruining attention spans. See if you can get through this short article. If you can’t, I rest my case.
  7. Elon Musk has ordered staff to work 84-hour weeks to meet his deadlines for new projects for Twitter.
  8. Toronto Raptors broadcaster Jack Armstrong is going to release a Christmas album.
  9. Too early? More radio stations have flipped to all-Christmas music already. Here’s another list, too.
  10. Eeww. Gross.
  11. Is your TikTok data going to China? It is in Europe. (Via Sean)
  12. I’ve been wondering about this.
  13. Disney has been sued over the alleged song theft involving the Frozen II soundtrack.
  14. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey is off the hook regarding plagiarism allegations involving “All I Want for Christmas is You.”
  15. HD-Radio is getting a little bigger across Canada. Will it ever really take hold? The jury’s still out.
  16. Speaking of radio, I was involved in this for the 2022 Ontario Association of Broadcasters Conference (video).
  17. There’s a documentary coming on all the songs used for James Bond movies.

More music news? Look here.

BONUS: I would have turned the hose on these kids.

@breestanaway first trick or treaters at my house last night #fyp ♬ original sound – bree stanaway

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