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Random music news for Friday, October 13, 2023

Friday the 13th? Pfft. All you have to do is stay away from Camp Crystal Lake and you’ll be fine. Distract yourself from your paraskevidekatriaphobia/friggatriskaidekaphobia but reading through music news for October 13, 2023.

  1. This 22-year-old survived the Hamas massacre on the Supernova festival last Saturday. Here’s what that was like.
  2. Rod Stewart turned down big dollars to play in Saudi Arabia because he wants to send a message about the regime’s abysmal human rights record.
  3. Here’s an update on Bruce Springsteen’s health struggles with peptic ulcers.
  4. This is worth bringing up again because no one has figured it out yet: The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet.
  5. I love this TV meteorologist who sneaks in metal lyrics with his forecasts.
  6. Utah has sued TikTok over “child addiction harm.”
  7. What is this “new generation experience” that will be unveiled by SiriusXM next month?
  8. An iconic Michael Jackson jacket is going up for auction.
  9. Authors aren’t crazy about Spotify’s new audiobook plans.
  10. Not aliens. Damn.
  11. Taylor Swift’s Eras movie could make as much as US$115 million on its opening weekend.
  12. And here is the obligatory item on Tay-Tay and Travis Kelce.
  13. Cher has finally had something to say about the allegation that she hired people to kidnap her son.
  14. Travis Scott is having some real trouble selling tickets to his new tour.
  15. Ghostwriter, the person who created the AI-powered Weeknd/Drake song, has given his first interview.
  16. Writers of fan fiction are locking their accounts because they’re worried about AI.

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BONUS: Pretty geeky. A 3D rendering of the Tokyo transit system.

BONUS BONUS: Well, that’s one way to say no.

BONUS BONUS BONUS: Prince William’s most-used emoji is the eggplant. Discuss what that means.

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