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Random Music News for Friday, October 23, 2015

Woke up in Vancouver this morning. Time to work on Vintage.TV. Meanwhile, here’s some music news.

  1. We have a date for Adele’s 25 record. The first single, “Hello,” will be on the radio by the time you read this.
  2. No, wait. Here it is. And the video was shot in Quebec.
  3. Kill the remaining time discretely at your desk before the weekend starts with Typedrummer. This is a fine, fine timesuck.
  4. Tracy Morgan bought a zoo. He’s singing Marvin Gaye to the animals so they get pregnant.
  5. Here’s a list of Black Friday Record Store Day records so far.
  6. So why is Katy Perry fighting those nuns? Or is it the other way around.
  7. A good interview with best-selling music author (and author of other things) Neil Strauss.
  8. That could be it for any tours by Danzig.
  9. U2’s newest concert film will appear on HBO Canada November 14. (Via Larry)
  10. Apply this principle to male singers: howler monkeys with smaller testicles have much louder calls. There seems to be some correlation between vocal power and sperm productin. Just sayin’, you know?
  11. So Beyonce and Jay Z were separated for a year because of rumours involving an affair with Rihanna?
  12. What a cute little baby dancing owl
  13. Apparently the US military is funding a project to create jazz-playing robots.
  14. The Foo Fighters confirm that they’ll play Cesena, Italy. Remember that amazing “Learn to Fly” video?
  15. Taylor Swift gave a fraternity a bunch of concert tickets. Here’s what they did with them.
  16. This is interesting: a beginner’s guide to the synthesizer.
  17. Psy (yes, him) is trying to evict some tenants from the building he owns in Seoul.

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  • Did you ever interview Tad Campbell from Idle Eyes


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