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Random music news for Friday, October 27, 2023

How many of these retro toys do you remember? CAUTION: Clicking that link may make you feel your age. Moving on to music news for October 27, 2023…

  1. Spotify is changing is royalty model. It will now have a minimum payment threshold. It’s also after streaming fraud.
  2. Rick Astley has re-recorded “Never Gonna Give You Up” with incorrect lyrics to show how hearing loss can be really debilitating.
  3. Is classic rock now obsolete? Discuss.
  4. Meanwhile, Keith Richards calls modern music “a one-way toilet.”
  5. This new chart data collection plan may end up under-reporting physical sales by 95%.
  6. Jeremy Renner’s new album–yes, he’s also a musician–was inspired by his near-fatal snowplow accident.
  7. Ye: Can you please stop talking about Hitler?
  8. An anti-AI tool? Yes. (Via Rick J)
  9. Serj Tankien of System of a Down has a new book.
  10. How many variants of the Rolling Stones’ Hackney Diamonds album can you buy? At least 43.
  11. Japan may be the music market that serves superfans the most. Here’s a breakdown.
  12. Oh, dear. Someone screwed up royally in Texas.
  13. There’s a new Milli Vanilli documentary. Expect more stories like this.
  14. YouTube Music is working on AI-generated artwork for any playlists you create on the platform.
  15. Snapchat now has 406 million active users.
  16. And a bunch of US attorneys general are suing Meta over mental health issues suffered by young people. Look out, Instagram.
  17. Half a million people attended a dance event in The Netherlands.
  18. Universal Music had a monster quarter, thanks largely to you-know-who.

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BONUS: How much does it cost to have a shower in countries around the world? Glad you asked.

BONUS BONUS: A good podcast and Friday timesuck. “Apple’s Impact on Music from iPods to AirPods.

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