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Random music news for Friday, September 21, 2018

Out in the Nevada desert for the weekend at the Life is Beautiful festival. Let’s see how this goes. Meanwhile, here’s music news for Friday, September 21, 2018.

  1. Beyonce’s ex-drummer is suing her alleging “extreme witchcraft.” This should be a fun case.
  2. Is Coldplay on the verge of splitting up? The hints are there.
  3. The entertainment industry is going to get hurt by the US-China trade battles.
  4. Quick: name the first female member of Guns N’ Roses.
  5. Coverage of the coziness between Ticketmaster and ticket brokers/scalpers just keeps on expanding.
  6. Interesting fact: 77% of adults (i.e. people over 18) own earbuds or headphones. Try to imagine how many people under 18 are into headphones/earbuds. More stats and facts about headphone/earbud use here.
  7. If you’re into ska, you need to read this story of its great migration.
  8. Smells like Dio. (Via Tom)
  9. Morrissey to Canadian baby seals: “I tried. It didn’t work. So I’m going to tour Canada again after 15 years.” (Via Fouad)
  10. Scientists gave E to a bunch of octopuses and stood back to see what happened. You read that right.
  11. The Ramones celebrated another 40th anniversary this week. That is, they would have celebrated were any of them alive. (Via Tom again)
  12. Hang on: Is Led Zeppelin going to launch a streaming music service?
  13. Are you a songwriter who believes one of your songs has been plagiarized? Follow these three steps to be sure.
  14. Would you like to watch video recorded on vinyl? You can. You probably shouldn’t, but you can.
  15. Spotify will now let artists upload their material to the service directly. This could be big.
  16. This sounds like an interesting nightclub. Only in Russia, I guess.
  17. A good podcast on how streaming is changing the very nature of music.
  18. And we should pay attention to how AI is helping to write hits.
  19. Finally, will the US midterm elections have an effect on music? It’s possible.

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