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Random music news for Friday, September 23, 2022

As you read this, I’m somewhere halfway to Singapore. Fortunately, there’s in-flight WiFi so I can do music news for September 23, 2022.

  1. You can now take a course in Lana Del Rey. That’ll help you get a job…
  2. Now this is an exclusive show.
  3. Dude: Do you really want to go there?
  4. Need some new reading on music? Here are six books worth checking out.
  5. The US Space Force has a new song and…oh, dear.
  6. REM’s “Losing My Religion” has passed one billion YouTube views.
  7. What the hell is going on with Grimes?
  8. BTS is not like everyone else in South Korea. See?
  9. Neil, dude. Time to upgrade.
  10. Why would anyone do this? WHY?
  11. Satanic kicks? That’s what this religious group thinks about these new Reeboks.
  12. A singing chihuahua. Cute.
  13. Explainer: Why do circle pits always seem to go counterclockwise?
  14. HMV, still thriving with some stores in the UK, has launched a new record label.
  15. Here comes a new collection of James Bond themes.
  16. Wut?
  17. And again, wut? Jeezus, Florence.

More music news? Look here,

BONUS: More David Blaine sorcery.

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2 thoughts on “Random music news for Friday, September 23, 2022

  • I posted it on Hypebot but I’ll post it here as well. If you like synthpop or whatever label you want to call it, there’s a new book coming out soonish by a guy with scads of experience in the industry and an all around super fellow and who is really deserving of a plug. He manages the Erasure newsletter and puts his heart and soul into it. I’m not a monstrous Erasure fan but I’m into the whole fan of a fan of a…. you get the idea. Plus they make great sounds and they always have scads of covers. It’s a must for new wave lovers everywhere.

    Anyways, his book is coming out soonish and if you still buy books, toss some $$ his way (I get nothing out of this but the pleasure of helping him succeed – the fans lot in life – I think he’s swell!):

    and yes, I’m pre-ordering the book from the UK.


  • Thanks for the tip, Ruins. Looks right up my alley.


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