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Random music news for Monday, April 1, 2024

Beware any news you hear about Tool today. They love April Fool’s Day. Meanwhile, here’s some straight, proper, and true music news for April 1, 2024.

  1. Wait: Diddy allegedly used J.Lo as a gun mule?
  2. And more creepy Diddy videos from the past have surfaced.
  3. A former Jail in the US has been turned into a massive recording complex. (Via Andrew)
  4. “Am I being priced out of making music?” Discuss. (Andrew again)
  5. This is one weird radio station–and no one knows what’s going on.
  6. Some never-before-heard music from Marvin Gaye has been found in Belgium. (Via Sean)
  7. When it comes to brain surgery, you gotta do whatever works.
  8. “How Gen Z got hooked on Nirvana.” Discuss.
  9. Linkin Park has settled a legal case over royalties with a former bassist.
  10. Meanwhile, A Toronto bar had two stars deducted from a review because they played Linkin Park. Harsh, dude. (More Andrew)
  11. No Doubt has shared some behind-the-scenes footage of their reunion rehearsals for Coachella.
  12. “Here’s a ton of money to reunite, Butthole Surfers.” Butthole Surfers: “No.”
  13. Cockroach moshing: It’s a thing, apparently.
  14. That’s an interesting design for a bass guitar.
  15. “The 20 Worst Songs of the 90s.” Discuss. (Via Rick J)

BONUS: I don’t know why, but I think I want one of these.

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