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Random music news for Monday, April 9, 2018

It’s Monday and your view of the world probably isn’t at its most cheery. Take a look at this site that predicts what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in your area. WARNING: Stuff of nightmares.

ANOTHER WARNING: There’s a lot of music news to digest for April 9, 2018. T

  1. Still wondering if your Facebook data was breached? Take a look at this chart.
  2. How to set up your phone to make you “more mindful.”
  3. Yep, podcasting continues to grow like crazy.
  4. How Drake is rewriting the rules for being a modern superstar.
  5. Remember the 1995 movie Empire Records? It’s heading to Broadway as a musical.
  6. Ice Cube is suing Qatar. Yes, as in the Middle East kingdom. It’s over basketball, too.
  7. Touring holograms of musicians: still a work in progress, especially with the eyes.
  8. A good New Yorker article on the new crop of indie women writing sad songs. Remember the name Soccer Mommy.
  9. A guy who scammed people with a fake Stevie Wonder concerts has been sent to five years in jail.
  10. Comparing the rise and fall of Elvis to the rise and fall of America. The parallels are eerie.
  11. Going to Coachella? Here’s what everyone will be wearing.
  12. Billy Joel can’t seem to sell his Florida mansion. You might want to toss him a lowball offer. Meanwhile, the Eagles Don Henley picked up this Hollywood pile.
  13. Netflix is betting that a hip-hop-based series called Rapture is going to be huge.
  14. When former South African president Jacob Zuma was arraigned on charges of corruption, he sang in court in protest.
  15. Russell Crowe is selling a violin at auction. It’ll probably sell for more than $100 million.
  16. And speaking of auctions, this homeless guy is responsible for saving a lot of the Chelsea Hotel’s artifacts for an upcoming sale.
  17. Remember this name: Liz Johnson. She’s a 15-year-old metalhead star chef. (Via Tom)
  18. A Merle Haggard post office? Why not?
  19. Here are some trends that are changing the nature of live music in 2018.

BONUS: Anyone ever notice how Milli Vanilli looked like Chris Tucker and Slash? (Via Tom)


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