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Random music news for Monday, December 27, 2021

  1. No Phish for MSG in NYC for NYE. Blame Omicron.
  2. And no NYE shows for The Strokes, either.
  3. One of the members of BTS has tested positive...
  4. …and so has all of Paul Stanley’s family.
  5. How can radio reinvent itself? Or will it take some outside party? Let’s discuss.
  6. Here are more predictions about where music and the music industry is headed in 2022.
  7. Joni Mitchell just released a music video for a song she recorded in 1971.
  8. “Audio Glasses.” These ones come with Surround Sound. (Via Walter)
  9. Here’s a new genre for 2022: “Goblin metal.”
  10. Will more guitars look like this in the future?
  11. Study: When you’re trying to analyze some music, your brain produces some interesting patterns that may involve language processing.
  12. A nice holiday story: A member of Lamb of God was able to save a life with a bone marrow transplant.
  13. Wait: TikTok got more traffic than Google this year? Apparently.
  14. The Eiffel Tower just celebrated an interesting radio anniversary.
  15. Adele had a good year, bringing in £28 million.
  16. This man dove into a pool and hit his head. When he woke up, he’d become a musical savant who can “see” music.”

BONUS: Maybe this is Tim Hortons’ next promotion. (Via Tom)

BONUS BONUS: This was sent to me by Oreo:

The Twelve Months of ’21

In the first month of ’21, the Trump cult gave D.C. 

A brutal insurrection spree

In the second month of ’21, SNL on TV 

Mocks Cancun Ted while Texans freeze  

In the third month of ’21, throughout the whole country  

More approved COVID shots for free  

In the fourth month of ’21, the royal family  

Announce the Prince’s death, Godspeed  

In the fifth month of ’21, ground radar found to be 

Graves on residential school property  

In the sixth month of ’21, the data does agree 

Delta strain surging globally  

In the seventh month of ’21, climate change gave B.C. 

A heat dome of 50 degrees  

In the eighth month of ’21, Canada heard the pleas 

Of 4,000 Afghan refugees  

In the ninth month of ’21, the voters let it be 

Another Lib minority   

In the tenth month of ’21, Bannon brags to GQP 

Defies the Congress committee  

In the eleventh month of ’21, B.C. floods endlessly  

Atmospheric rivers fall free  

In the twelfth month of ’21, no rapid tests from Bonnie 

In last place continually  

And in the first month of ’22, I hope that there will be  

A little bit of harmony 

Like Anne Murray was crooning in 1983 

We could use a little good news, please

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