Random music news for Monday, February 22, 2021

We begin with this. Sorry. It’s from Tom. Scroll down for music news for February 22, 2021.

  1. For some reason, New Jersey cops have held back a 24-page report on last November’s incident where Bruce Springsteen was arrested for a DUI.
  2. Travis Barker says he’s fighting the “suicide disease.” (He talks about it at about the 3:30 mark.) (Via Sean)
  3. The popular protests in Myanmar are going all punk rock. (Via Brad)
  4. This couple says that they’re still being stalked by the estranged bother of Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr.
  5. These British groups are coming together to help jobless roadies. (Via Sean)
  6. Robby Baker of The Tragically Hip is about 90 pages into a book on his experiences with the band.
  7. Fun with COVID in song.
  8. And this NHS doctor is doing his part to raise spirits with DJ sets. (Via Sean)
  9. Another look at how TikTok is changing the music industry. Fast.
  10. Hey, Facebook! After Australia, Canada’s coming for you next.
  11. Why doesn’t System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” make sense? Serj Tankien explains.
  12. Stevie Wonder says he’s moving permanently to Ghana.
  13. One of the hippest playlists is from…a Toronto grocery store?
  14. This new film about Billie Holiday looks interesting. (Yet another one from Sean.)

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One thought on “Random music news for Monday, February 22, 2021

  • February 22, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Seems like Jim Kerr can’t get a break. He gets crap for his ex-wife, now for his brother, for the damned Breakfast Club Song, and it seems like nobody wants to give him any credit for the fact that he’s a brilliant artist with a lot of talent, showmanship who seems to really just LOVE what he does and has a vast amount of range in his work. I would have loved to have seen the band back in their earlier years but I was in the wrong country and I would have loved to have seen them later on but then they were too big for me to afford them.

    I was SO very lucky to have seen them a couple years back at a really fun local venue that was just the right size *for me* that truly doesn’t do *them* justice but for which I am very grateful because I had a great seat and a perfect view and could watch him perform a very well rounded set with clearly cherished and talented backup singers and it was just amazing and I would see them each year if they’d only come around each year. It was a perfect moment concert……..save for the Breakfast Club song which I still love and still makes me cry but I don’t want to hear because that’s the only song that half the audience came for and it annoys me to no end. I know we need those people but they still annoy me. It takes all kinds to fill an audience. I’m just not always the kinder, gentler soul about it. Hell, I’M probably THAT person at some of the shows I go to. But, I digress.

    All hail, Jim Kerr 😉 If for some reason, you or your agent see this. Come to the great Pacific Northwest. We want you back! (again and again and again – yearly, like, yeah?)


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