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Random music news for Monday, January 29, 2024

Yes, this is the fifth Monday in January. That’s just cruel. And then we get 29 days in February? That’s almost as bad. Music news for January 29, 2024, is pretty cool though.

  1. It’s not just musicians outraged by AI abuse. George Carlin’s estate is suing over an AI special.
  2. And not a second too soon: The US Copyright Office has announced that they’re going to investigate the intricacies of AI and music.
  3. About 400,000 families with children aged 4-18 were surveyed about the kids’ use of AI. The results are fascinating.
  4. The estate of Johnny Ramone is suing Pete Davidson. Why? He wants to make a Ramones movie for Netflix and they don’t like it.
  5. Liam Gallagher and John Squire have announced their joint album and tour.
  6. In news that surprised no one, Morrissey canceled a bunch of shows.
  7. Why did it take so long to arrest someone for the killing of Tupac? Here’s an explanation.
  8. Shazam now has a way to identify songs within apps when you’re wearing headphones or earbuds.
  9. Sucked into the non-existent cassette revival but don’t have a cassette player? Let me help you.
  10. Why are so many British rock stars so short? Wartime rationing.
  11. This could be the oldest song in the world to survive in its entirety.
  12. Anyone remember the Omnichord? It’s back. (Via Christopher)
  13. Billy Corgan and Glen Campbell, together at last.
  14. Pressing cremated remains into vinyl records: It’s back as a thing in the UK.
  15. And Alice in Chains’ new deluxe version of Jar of Flies will have actual flies embedded into the vinyl.

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BONUS: The speed of light has been filmed at 10 trillion frames per second. Watch. (Via Larry)

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